Not Your Average Princess

Princess Elizabeth had it all: a castle, fancy clothes, and a handsome fiancé named Prince Ronald. When a fire-breathing dragon smashes her castle and kidnaps the prince, Elizabeth decides to go and rescue him. With all of her clothes burned to ash, the princess is forced to wear a paper bag, but this does not deter her from her mission. When Elizabeth tracks down the dragon, she cleverly outwits him and reaches her betrothed. But instead of being grateful, arrogant Prince Ronald simply chides Elizabeth for her scruffy appearance, telling her to come back when she is dressed like a real princess. Elizabeth tells off the prince, saying that while he may look like a prince, he is a bum. Then she skips happily off into the sunset.

The Paper Bag Princess is a must read! Princess Elizabeth is a smart, savvy heroine who doesn’t need to wait around and be rescued like so many other princesses in the world of literature. In addition, this book has a great message about not settling for someone who doesn’t love and respect you.

Author Robert Munsch had this to say about the book’s popularity: “This story is a success because it is real. There are no princes but there are a lot of bums, and you don’t want to marry one.”

Recommended for ages 4+.


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