Apple Pie ABC

Since it is Thanksgiving week, I’d like to share a book all about a beloved turkey day dessert – pie!

That book is Apple Pie ABC (©2011) by Alison Murray.

“When an apple pie arrives piping hot on the kitchen table, a little pup does everything from A to Z to get his paws on it. He Ogles it. He Pines for it. But will his ABC antics land him a slice?”

Now, I’m not usually a big fan of ABC books. A is for apple, B is for ball, C is for cat… are you bored yet? But this book is different. I mean really different. In a whimsical, almost poetic style, the reader is treated to a delightful story about a puppy who longs for just one taste of the freshly baked pie in the kitchen. Each page leads off with a different letter of the alphabet, as the story progresses to a hilarious and satisfying conclusion.

So to all the parents out there who have grown weary of xylophones, yarn, and zebras, this is the alphabet book you’ve been waiting for.


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