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The Kylie Jean books, written by Marci Peschke and illustrated by Tuesday Mourning, are a series of beginning chapter books for ages 7-10. Kylie Jean Carter is a vivacious southern belle whose lifelong dream is to be a beauty queen. Kylie Jean’s mother is always there to remind her that “pretty is as pretty does,” something that Kylie Jean takes to heart every day. All of the Kylie Jean books include a glossary, discussion questions, writing prompts, and a recipe. Fans of Judy Moody, Ivy and Bean, Ramona Quimby, and Clementine will love Kylie Jean.

Recently I got the chance to review the newest book in the Kylie Jean series, Cupcake Queen. I found Kylie Jean to be such an endearing character that I knew I had to read more! I decided to head to my local library to see what other books from this series were available.

The two books that I’ll be sharing today are Blueberry Queen and Drama Queen.

Kylie Jean Blueberry Queen

In Blueberry Queen, Kylie Jean has a shot at a real crown – as the queen of the Blueberry Festival! But crowns don’t come easily, and Kylie Jean soon discovers that running for Blueberry Queen involves a lot of hard work. With help from her family, and loads of her trademark perseverance and spunk, Kylie Jean will prove that she has what it takes to be a queen!

The book has a recipe for blueberry cream cheese pie (yum!) and the highlighted vocabulary words include “application” “pageant” and “recommendation.” Though I didn’t love Blueberry Queen as much as Kylie Jean’s other adventures, fans of this series will still get a lot of enjoyment out of this tale.

Kylie Jean Drama Queen

In Drama Queen, Kylie Jean excitedly starts the second grade. Her excitement falters, however, when she meets Paula Dupree, the new girl in school. Paula is downright mean, and her constant bullying gets Kylie Jean and her friends down. Things get even more dramatic when the students begin preparing for the class play. The play is Alice in Wonderland, and Kylie Jean and Paula both have their sights set on playing the Queen of Hearts.

Drama Queen is a home run. The author tackles the subject of bullying in a very realistic way. Kylie Jean and her friends handle a tough situation with kindness and grace, giving readers in similar situations someone to look up to. The vocabulary words in the book include “character” “memorize” “rehearsal” and “understudy” and the featured recipe is “the queen’s sandwich.”

Click here to read my review of Cupcake Queen.


  1. Haven’t run across these yet. thanks! (Sound perfect for my 3rd graders)

  2. All the Kylie Jean books were favorite read alouds when I taught kindergarten. They speak on timely topics in a way that children find appealing.

  3. authoraileenstewart says:

    My eight year old daughter and I discovered Kylie Jean last summer during the summer reading program hosted by our local library. My daughter was initially attracted to the books because her cousin’s name is Kylie, but as she read Kylie Jean Rodeo Queen to me we both fell in love with the character who was smart and funny.

    • I definitely wasn’t expecting to like the books as much as I did, but Kylie Jean is such a likeable character! If your daughter hasn’t read it yet, be sure to check out Cupcake Queen. It’s my favorite. 🙂

  4. I’ve been seeing these books around the web a lot lately, but I have read them yet. Thanks for sharing at TCB!

  5. These books are new to me – thanks for the introduction.

  6. Katie it is so exciting as an author to read reviews. Thanks for reviewing my Kylie Jean books!

  7. Oh these looks so great. I will have to get a hold of them for a little Chapter Book research me thinks. Thank so much for bringing them to our attention on the Kid Lit Blog Hop

  8. Great to know about these series as I previously hadn’t heard about it. I like that the main character is so likeable and has to deal with issues that children will relate to. #kidlitbloghop

  9. sspratt2010 says:

    I would read it myself, just for the recipe.

  10. ccarpinello says:

    What entertaining books. Too bad I just have boys! Thanks for sharing these on the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

  11. oh Katie! why did you have to post this review?? Why? Now my little one who is devotee to all things Strawberry Shortcake is going to want to read this.. and i am NEVER going to find ourselves out of sugary, girly stuff!! sob!
    -Resh @ Stackingbooks

    • I think Kylie Jean would be a massive improvement! The books are somewhat girly, but not nearly as saccharine as Strawberry Shortcake. 😉

  12. Renee @ Mother Daughter Book Reviews says:

    How have I never run across these books with a tween girl in my house?! Strange… I’ll have to hit the library to see if I can dig one up. Thanks for sharing in the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

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