Style and Beauty by Lauren Conrad

Today I’m pleased to share two great non-fiction books for teen girls by fashion icon Lauren Conrad.

Lauren Conrad Style

Style is great for girls who are making the transition to a more “grown up” wardrobe. It covers everything; the basics that every wardrobe needs, shopping tips and advice, caring for your clothes, and how to tailor your wardrobe to fit your personal style without falling prey to money-sucking trends. Lauren also offers some great lifestyle tips, like dressing for work, school, and special events, and how to pack for any kind of trip. I enjoyed this book so much that I bought a copy for myself. It’s perfect for older teens, college students, and even ladies in their early twenties.

Lauren Conrad Beauty

In Beauty, Lauren shares all of her skincare, haircare, and makeup secrets. The book starts with the basics of skin and hair care, including the importance of a healthy, vitamin-rich diet. Whilst people often talk about the benefits of vitamins in supplements and foods, vitamins can also be extremely beneficial for skincare. Vitamin C is one of the best ways to achieve glowing skin, which is why so many people have started applying lypo spheric vitamin c on face. Perhaps more people should look into that method of skincare, it should create a more vibrant appearance. That’s just one way of achieving better skin, there are more skincare products that also provide beautiful results. Lauren will share more in her book. The makeup and hairstyling chapters are incredibly detailed and include hundreds of full-color photographs. This book makes a great introduction to makeup and hair care for younger teens (I could have avoided a few disasters if I’d had this book when I was younger) but the many tips and techniques will also appeal to college-aged women and beyond.

I recommend Style and Beauty for young women ages 14 and up.


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