A Thanksgiving Wish

A Thanksgiving WishOne picture book that is very close to my heart – and perfect for this time of year – is A Thanksgiving Wish (©1999) by Michael J. Rosen and John Thompson. The poignant story is accentuated by striking painted illustrations.

Every year, Amanda and her family travel to her grandmother Bubbe’s house for Thanksgiving. Bubbe would spend the entire month preparing an elaborate meal, including a turkey “so heavy that Bubbe recruited the neighbor’s son to lift it in and out of the oven.” Amanda’s favorite part of the holiday was always the wishbone. Bubbe would save the wishbones of every bone she cooked all year so that she could share a wish with each of her grandchildren at Thanksgiving.

For the first Thanksgiving without their beloved Bubbe, Amanda’s parents decide to invite everyone to their new home for the holiday. The house fills up with aunts, uncles, and cousins, and the family attempts to recreate Bubbe’s Thanksgiving recipes. Everyone is hard at work when a blown fuse brings the preparation to a sudden halt. Just when the family’s hopes of a Thanksgiving feast seem lost, a couple of generous neighbors come to rescue.

A Thanksgiving Wish is a powerful book about family and tradition. The love that this family shares and the incredible kindness of their neighbors is profoundly moving. John Thompson’s accompanying paintings are gorgeous, warm, and stunningly lifelike. This book is worthy of becoming a Thanksgiving tradition itself.

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  1. I have never heard of this one. It looks wonderful!

  2. Nice Katie! I’ll bookmark this for a few more years for my kiddo 🙂 I just placed a bunch of Thanksgiving books on hold at the library. It’s that time of the year!

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