Picture Books Around the World: Australia

The world is a big place, and every country has it’s own unique history, culture, and way of life. Short of hopping on a plane – which is a luxury for most of us – one of the best ways to teach children about the world is through books. That’s why I’m so excited to present a new Youth Literature Reviews book list series, Picture Books Around the World. This eight-part series will span six continents and more than a dozen countries.  Join me as we explore some of the most beautiful and diverse places across the globe, all without leaving home!

The first country we’ll be visiting on our picture book world tour is Australia!

Picture Books about Australia

I’ve never been to Australia (my husband went a few years ago on a business trip…lucky!) but it has always fascinated me. The books I chose for this list highlight the geography, wildlife, and culture of this beautiful country.

Over in AustraliaOver in Australia: Amazing Animals Down Under

This fun rhyming story features several Australian animals including wallabies, lorikeets, platypuses, and many more! The book is also chock-full of extras – like a map of the country that shows which animals inhabit each region – and the textured cut-paper illustrations are absolutely exquisite.

This is AustraliaThis is Australia

This classic picture book is packed with fascinating facts about the world’s largest island, including the country’s history, culture, architecture, people, and wildlife. Dozens of detailed illustrations depict the beauty of the different regions.

Diary of a WombatDiary of a Wombat

In this charming book, readers see the world through the eyes of one of the most adorable Australian creatures. Kids will chuckle as the wombat interacts with his new neighbors – humans!

Possum Magic

When Grandma Poss uses her magic to turn her granddaughter Hush invisible, and is then unable to reverse the spell, the two possums travel across Australia in search of the food that will make Hush visible again. Along the way, they sample many Australian delights, including Anzac biscuits, Mornay, and Vegemite sandwiches.

Possum and WattlePossum and Wattle: My Big Book of Australian Words

From boomerangs to cockatoos to didgeridoos, renowned Aboriginal artist Bronwyn Bancroft takes readers on a tour of her homeland, featuring her bold, colorful paintings. The back of the book also includes a glossary of these interesting words for kids who are eager to learn more.

Kangaroo and CrocodileKangaroo and Crocodile: My Big Book of Australian Animals

This delightful sequel highlights the dozens of animals that are native to Australia. Bronwyn Bancroft has outdone herself with the vibrant full-page illustrations.

Are We There Yet?

Based on the author’s real-life travels, this charming picture book chronicles a family’s six-month journey across Australia. As they explore the different regions, readers will get an up-close look at what makes this country so unique.

What country will we visit next? Check back later this week to find out!


  1. Great to see you feature books about my home on your blog. ?

    • It’s my pleasure! So many of my readers and fellow bloggers live in Australia that I knew it would a great jumping off point for this series!

  2. My best friend went to Australia last year and brought several books home for my kids, our favorite is “Bilby Moon,” by Margaret Spurling. Great list!

  3. Awesome list. I remember reading a picture book set in Australia when I was itty bitty and being blown away by it being summer in December. For some reason that was fascinating to me as a kid.

  4. Yeah for Australia and what a great series to do… Thank you so much! I’m proud to say that we have ALL of those books in our Shanghai Library… Now I’ll get to work on the three from Japan we don’t have. Keep up the great info!

  5. Hooray for Australia! As an Aussie I’m proud to say we have all of these in our Shanghai Library…. now working on the missing ones from your Japan list. Keep the great reviews coming.

  6. We’ve been to Australia once but only got to see Melbourne. We have several picture books about Australia including Are We There Yet? which we love! We’ve dreamed several times of mimicking their trip someday! Thanks so much for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday at Mommynificent.com! Hope to see you again soon!

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  8. Hi

    Great to see you have some books about oz. Good to see s Bronwyn Bancroft book too. I don’t know the Sasek one- but I am a bit concerned that it starts off with colonial history and has nothing about aboriginal Australians at the beginning.. be great to have some traditional aboriginal stories as well as some contemporary stories with multicultural characters who live in Australia today. Australia’s international tourism images can be extremely white and/or colonial and it be great to see what multicultural Australia looks like today.

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