Picture Books about Mermaids

Mermaid Books

Know a kid who’s crazy about mermaids? Then this is the list for you! Today I’m sharing five fantastic mermaid-themed children’s books that the whole family will love.

The Mermaid and the ShoeThe Mermaid and the Shoe by K.G. Campbell

Every one of King Neptune’s daughters has a special talent, except for young Minnow. Minnow’s only talent is asking questions, much to the chagrin of her sisters. When she finds a strange object, Minnow travels all the way to the surface to satisfy her curiosity. Her quest for answers leads Minnow to a series of remarkable discoveries about the world and about herself. This is such an inspiring story and the soft pencil-and-watercolor illustrations are absolutely enchanting.

The Melancholic MermaidThe Melancholic Mermaid by Kallie George and Abigail Halpin

Maude the mermaid was born with two tails, a trait that she embraces until the other children begin teasing her. One day Maude is captured by a fisherman and sold to a circus. The circus is miserable until Maude meets a boy named Tony. Tony has webbed hands and, like Maude, grew up as an outcast. Together Maude and Tony attempt to escape the cruel ring mistress and make their way home.

Mermaid SisterMermaid Sister by Mary Ann Fraser

Shelly is fed up with her annoying little brother and decides she would much rather have a sister instead. She writes a message in bottle advertising for a sister and is thrilled when it is answered by a mermaid named Coral. Shelly and Coral become fast friends, but Shelly quickly learns that having a sister has its ups and downs and that living with a mermaid is not all it’s cracked up to be! Warm, summer-hued paintings compliment the amusing story.

Mermaid DanceMermaid Dance by Marjorie Rose Hakala and Mark Jones

As the sun sets on the ocean, mermaids come to the surface to celebrate the summer solstice. The mermaids bring seashells and strings of beads to decorate the shore, then they prepare a feast and dance to ring in the new season. The lush pastel paintings are a delight.

Mermaid CookbookMermaid Cookbook by Barbara Beery

This whimsical cookbook features more than 30 mermaid-themed recipes that kids will love to make! From crunchy snacks and savory bites to fun drinks and pretty desserts, this book has it all! Most of the recipes are from-scratch, but some utilize store-bought components like boxed cake mix and refrigerated pie dough. The recipes in this book are perfect for a mermaid or ocean themed party, but most are easy enough to enjoy any day of the week! Mermaid Cookbook is intended for kids ages 6 and up with parental supervision.

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