Guest Post: Book-Inspired Gifts for Kids

Hello everybody, I’m Stef from Non Toy Gifts and I’ll be sharing a few great book-inspired gift ideas – just in time for Christmas.

My son opened one gift after another and nothing put a smile on his face. He was disappointed and I was heartbroken. I had come up with the idea to ask his friends to bring him books for his third birthday. He LOVES books! That’s why his dad and I made him a reading nook under the staircase and I thought he would love to receive books. I was wrong!

Books are fun but you can’t enjoy them right away. You need to put on your glasses and open up the book – just like in Laurie Berkner’s song. A party is no place for reading books and if you can’t read them how are you supposed to enjoy them?

Book-Inspired Gifts for Kids

Book-inspired gifts are those gifts that include a little something extra that will allow kids to connect with the story beyond the book. It can be a toy, a game, a craft or anything else that the little ones can play with once they open their presents and that will intrigue their curiosity for the book they will discover a bit later.

Here are just a few suggestions based on some of my children’s favorite books.

Book-Inspired Gifts for Kids

Everybody Bonjours! is a delightful book that will help kids discover Paris and its most important monuments. A little girl and her family visits the City of Lights and while there, she gets to see the Eiffel Tower, listen to the street musicians in front of the Pompidou Center, climb on the stairs in front of Sacre Coeur and much more. This book can be paired with a giant coloring map of Paris, a set of three French landmark puzzles or magnetic wooden toys.

Book-Inspired Gifts for Kids

The Press Here game is inspired by the book Press Here and they obviously make a great gift together. The book itself is like a game as the reader has to press on dots of different colors, shake the book and follow several other instructions.

Some of my kids favorite games are based on books they are familiar with, like Five Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed or I Can Do That: The Cat in the Hat. You can also check out this list of 40 kids games based on popular books and movies for more inspiration.

Talking about movies, they are also a great choice that children will love. I remember the first time I read Peter Pan’s story to my boys. They had no idea what a pirate was and didn’t seem to care much. After seeing the movie though, guess who became obsessed with pirates, sing the “I can fly” song all day long and chose to be Captain Hook for Halloween? It took a movie to make them love the book.

If you decide to go for a movie, I would suggest to start with this list of movies based on children’s books – it contains 50 titles and is the most complete resource available online.

Book-Inspired Gifts for Kids

A book like Hermelin the Detective Mouse, which is the story of a mouse who loves to solve mysteries, could inspire you to create a detective kit that would include items from the book: typewriter, binoculars and photo camera.

The possibilities are endless and all you have to do is flip through the pages of a book to get an idea about the story, illustrations or characters, then let your imagination fly and I’m sure you’ll come up with some amazing book-inspired gifts for kids.


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