The A to Z Guide to Jobs for Girls

The A to Z Guide to Jobs for Girls by Charles C Dowd is a charming ABC book that little girls will love.

The A to Z Guide to Jobs for Girls

The book got its start on Kickstarter, and nearly 400 people (myself included) contributed to helping get the book into production. I was so excited to receive my copy and be able to share it with my daughter. Every page features a unique career, all the way from astronaut to zookeeper.

One of the many great things about this book is it features careers that many young children might be unfamiliar with. Every girl knows that they can grow up to be a doctor or a nurse, but with The A to Z Guide they can also aspire to be an EMT or an X-ray technician!

The colorful illustrations are action-packed and feature diverse characters that many girls can identify with. With jobs like chef, paleontologist, and yoga instructor, there’s something for every girl!

A to Z Guide to Jobs for Girls

Every girl should have this book as part of her personal library. It delivers such an empowering message in a fun, accessible way. Let’s teach our daughters that girls can do anything!

Be sure to also check out The A to Z Guide to Jobs for Girls Coloring & Activity Book for empowered girls who love to color!

A to Z Guide Coloring Book

I recommend The A to Z Guide to Jobs for Girls for ages 2-7. Learn more about Charles C Dowd and his other books by visiting his website.

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  1. Love the illustrations. Nice pick.

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  3. I like it…not so sure about tattoo artist though,

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