The Story of Inventions

the-story-of-inventionsThe Story of Inventions (©2007) by Anna Claybourne and Adam Larkum is a clever nonfiction book that curious kids will surely enjoy. This fun and fascinating book explores the real-life stories behind more than 70 well-known inventions, spanning all the way from centuries-old inventions to everyday essentials including light bulbs, toilets, toasters, and vacuum cleaners and even modern marvels like the Post-It Note.

Each page is packed with bite-sized pieces of information, interspersed with cartoon-style illustrations that add interest and show how each invention is used. There is even a chapter featuring some wacky failed inventions like a self-cleaning house and a ladder to space. The book also includes a timeline, glossary, and index.

The Story of Inventions is a great introduction to the history and science behind some of the world’s most important inventions. It’s accessible, educational, and downright inspiring! I recommend this book for ages 8-12.

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