Christmas Picture Books That Will Make Your Kids Laugh

In my family, we can’t get enough Christmas books. I’ve probably read hundreds of them! Today I’m sharing a selection of laugh-out-loud funny Christmas books that you won’t be able to resist!

These hysterical picture books are sure to leave your whole family in stitches! If you have any favorite funny Christmas books that I left out, let me know in the comments! To check out my other Christmas book lists, click here!

How to Catch SantaHow to Catch Santa

This clever guide is packed with tips and techniques for how to catch Santa on Christmas Eve. Of course, once you catch Santa you can’t keep him long, so the young narrators prepare the reader with suggestions of questions to ask Santa and things to tell him (“thank you for the presents!) The plans are elaborate but never mean-spirited. This fun book is sure to become a family favorite.

home-aloneHome Alone

This charming storybook is based on the classic Christmas movie Home Alone. When eight-year-old Kevin wishes that his family would disappear, he doesn’t think it will really happen. But the next morning, Kevin discovers that his family has left for Christmas vacation without him! The bright, energetic illustrations make the zany story jump off the page.

The Nightmare Before ChristmasThe Nightmare Before Christmas

This witty rhyming Christmas story, written and beautifully illustrated by Tim Burton, is set to the meter of the classic poem The Night Before Christmas. Jack Skellington becomes tired and bored of life in Halloweentown, so he decides to kidnap Santa and take his place. Though Jack means well, his personal brand of Christmas cheer is quite macabre. This delightfully spooky story is a good read for children who aren’t easily frightened.

Dinosaur vs SantaDinosaur vs Santa

An energetic little dinosaur tackles a series of holiday challenges, including writing a letter to Santa, decorating, and making presents for mom and dad. Dinosaur defeats every challenge with an enthusiastic roar, until he faces his greatest challenge of all – falling asleep on Christmas Eve!

The Santa TrapThe Santa Trap

Bradley Bartleby has been bad since the day he was born. Everyone is terrified of him except for Santa Claus, who refuses to give Bradley anything but socks every Christmas. Intent on getting revenge, Bradley decides to take his badness to the next level and sets a trap for Santa. He transforms his house into an obstacle course of horrors, complete with dynamite, trap doors, and guillotines, to catch Santa and steal all the presents!

Olivia Helps with ChristmasOlivia Helps with Christmas

Christmas preparations are in full swing for the precocious pig and her family. Olivia has plenty to do, from trimming the tree and setting the table to leaving treats for Santa Claus. Olivia’s spunky personality and amusing antics are sure to keep readers giggling!

Olive the Other ReindeerOlive, the Other Reindeer

In this sweet and silly story, a dog named Olive mistakenly believes that she is one of Santa’s reindeer! She heads to the North Pole and arrives just in time to join Santa on his Christmas Eve voyage. Though this plucky dog may not really be a reindeer, she still manages to save the day when Santa needs a helping hand!

Christmas WombatChristmas Wombat

In this delightfully comical story, a hungry wombat tussles with a couple of reindeer over some tasty looking carrots. But when the wombat accidentally stows away on Santa’s sleigh, he discovers delicious carrots waiting for him all over the world! The expressive, engaging illustrations in this book will have kids and adults in stitches.

We Wish for a Monster Christmas

A pair of siblings ask for a monster for Christmas, but their parents aren’t too keen on the idea. When Santa Claus leaves a giant, hairy beast under the tree, the children must work out a way to keep their new pet from destroying the house!

Pig the Elf

It’s Christmastime, and Pig the pug expects Santa to deliver every single item on his lengthy list. Pig stays up on Christmas Eve to catch Santa delivering the gifts, and when he feels he’s been shortchanged, he chases after Saint Nick and ends up inadvertently getting pulled onto his sleigh! This silly story will teach kids that there is nothing to be gained by being greedy.


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