Pete the Cat Phonics Box

The Pete the Cat Phonics Box (©2017) is a set of twelve early readers from Pete the Cat creator and illustrator James Dean.

This cute little box comes complete with a handle for carrying and houses twelve miniature books. Each book has been reviewed by a phonics expert and features repeated examples of short and long vowel sounds alongside common sight words. The first five books cover the short vowel sounds, followed by a review book. This sequence then repeats with the long vowels. Although the books are designed to be read in this order, each story is a standalone.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading these books. The stories are delightfully funny and the full-color illustrations did not disappoint. I recommend the Pete the Cat Phonics Box for any child who is learning how to read on their own. Or read them aloud to a toddler to help boost vocabulary! Any fan of Pete the Cat is sure to enjoy these silly stories.


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