Christmas Tree Picture Books

I love Christmas trees. Without a doubt, one of my favorite things about this time of year is seeing beautifully decorated trees almost everywhere. Decorating our Christmas tree brings back so many warm memories from my childhood, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to create new memories with my own children. Read on for 15 Christmas tree picture books that deserve a spot under your tree this year.

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Maple & Willow’s Christmas Tree

In this holiday installment of the Maple & Willow series, Maple and her little sister Willow are getting their first real Christmas tree! Unfortunately, the girls’ excitement is quickly replaced with disappointment when they discover that Maple is allergic to the tree. Both girls are heartbroken until Willow comes up with an unexpected solution to their problem in this heartwarming tale of sisterly love. Ages 3-6.

The Great Spruce

Each winter, Alec and his grandfather decorate the enormous spruce tree that Grandpa planted long before Alec was born. One year, men arrive and ask Alec’s parents if they can take the tree to the city for a Christmas celebration. Alec is heartbroken at the thought of his beloved tree being cut down, so he comes up with a plan to save it. The beautiful illustrations, rendered in acrylic paint and colored pencil, perfectly depict the grandeur of the great spruce, as well as the juxtaposition between Alec’s cozy small town and the bustling, snowy city. Ages 4-8.

Red and Lulu

Red and Lulu are a pair of cardinals who live together in a large, beautiful evergreen tree. One autumn day, the pair are separated when the tree is cut down and hauled away with Lulu still in it. Red chases the truck as far as he can, ending up lost in New York City. As winter approaches, Red finally finds Lulu and sees that his beloved tree is standing illuminated in Rockefeller Center. This heartwarming and beautifully illustrated book contains and afterword with a brief history of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree tradition. Ages 3-7.

Christmas Farm

Wilma, an avid gardener who lives by herself on a small New England farm, decides that she’d like to plant something a bit more challenging than flowers – Christmas trees! She purchases hundreds of small starts of balsam and enlists the help of her enthusiastic five-year-old neighbor, Parker, to plant them all. Wilma and Parker care for the growing tree farm over the next five Christmases, until the trees are fully grown and ready to be sold to local families. Ages 4-8.

The Christmas Eve Tree

It’s Christmas Eve and a tiny, dilapidated fir tree is the only one left for sale at a busy store. At the end of the night, the tree is saved by a homeless boy who adorns it with candles and uses the tree to bring some much-needed holiday cheer to a snowy railway underpass. The watercolor illustrations in this book are absolutely charming. Ages 4-8.

Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree

Mr. Willowby’s enormous new Christmas tree is too tall to fit in his parlor, so the butler chops off the top and gives it to the maid. The maid further cuts the small tree, the top of which ends up in the hands of the gardener. This process continues until Mr. Willowby’s tree has provided smaller Christmas trees to seven homes, including that of a rabbit family and some mice. This story has been a perennial favorite ever since its first publication more than 50 years ago. All ages.

A Christmas Tree for Me

This cute, simple storybook book includes a 22-inch felt Christmas tree and four sheets of felt ornaments! My Christmas-obsessed toddler loved having her own felt tree to decorate over and over, and I love that all the ornaments came precut so it was ready to play with in under five minutes! Ages 2-5.

A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree

This delightful rhyming book tells the story of a tall pine tree who sits alone at the edge of a tree farm, longing to become someone’s Christmas tree. After years of waiting, the tree’s many woodland friends come up with a plan to finally make his wish come true. The story is complemented by the beautiful painted illustrations by wildlife artist Michael Glenn Monroe. Ages 3-7.

Little Blue Truck’s Christmas

In this charming follow-up to Little Blue Truck, Little Blue is spreading Christmas cheer by delivering Christmas trees of many shapes and sizes to his animal friends. Children will love the flashing Christmas lights on the final page! Ages 1-5.

Tree of Cranes

While a young Japanese boy is tucked in bed recovering from a chill, his mother is busy folding paper cranes. Later that day, the mother uses the paper cranes to decorate a small pine tree, finishing each branch with a candle. She explains that this is a Christmas tree – the first for the boy – and shares stories of her childhood Christmases growing up in California. This poignant story gives a lovely glimpse at the similarities and differences between eastern and western cultures. Ages 4-8.

The Finest Christmas Tree

This story centers on Farmer Tuttle, a Christmas tree farmer in 1950s New England. With the popularity of artificial Christmas trees on the rise, Farmer Tuttle can’t sell enough trees to afford to buy his wife a gift for Christmas. The Tuttles worry about the fate of their unsold trees, until a mysterious customer arrives in a sleigh and requests the finest tree in the forest. Ages 4-7.

The Best Parts of Christmas

When Fritz and his parents bring home a real Christmas tree, Fritz couldn’t be happier. The tree is a magnet for good things, like ornaments and candy canes, and all the best parts of Christmas happen around the tree. But when Christmas is over and the needles start to drop, Fritz isn’t ready to say goodbye to his holiday spirit. Ages 3-7.

The Carpenter’s Gift: A Christmas Tale about the Rockefeller Center Tree

On Christmas Eve in 1931, Henry and his father drive to New York City to sell Christmas trees. After a long day’s work, Henry’s father gives his remaining trees to a group of construction workers. Seeing that Henry’s family is down on their luck, the workers decide to repay this kind gesture with one of their own: helping to build the family a new house. Ages 5-9.

Pick a Pine Tree

A family visits a Christmas tree lot to choose the perfect tree, then brings it home to decorate. The colorful mixed-media illustrations are brimming with excitement. Ages 3-7.

A Little Christmas Tree

A small Scotch pine grows in a mountain glen, longing to become a Christmas tree. His mother assures him that one day he will bring the true meaning of Christmas to one special family. This beautifully illustrated book highlights the Christian themes of the holiday season. Ages 5-8.

I hope you’ll consider picking up a few of these Christmas tree picture books this holiday season. Do you prefer real trees or artificial ones? Personally, I prefer an artificial tree since we like to have ours up all the way from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. Plus, I love that nowadays most artificial Christmas trees come pre-lit!

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